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Neck and Neck

Which animal has the same number of teeth as humans? 

OK. So, you probably guessed it already: giraffes.  

Here are a few ineresting facts about giraffe teeth:

  • The giraffe has one set of teeth at the front of its bottom jaw and one set at the back on the top jaw; but the giraffe also has a hard plate at the top of its mouth.
  • The giraffe uses its teeth, long tongue and hard plate to break up food before the back teeth are able to chew the last bits in preparation for swallowing.
  • Two sets of molars in the giraffe's mouth number among a total of 32 teeth -- the same amount as humans.
  • The giraffe uses its front teeth and lips to grab onto their food and then pulls it into their mouths with long tongues before they begin to chew.
  • Giraffes have some pretty tough lips to ensure that do damage is done to their mouths when chewing on trees and twigs that may have thorns.

Also, just like humans, giraffes have seven neck vertebra.  They are just MUCH longer.  Each one can be over 10 inches.

I guess you can say for certain anatomical features giraffes and humans run "neck and neck."  ;-)