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Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Smart Toothbrush

  • Removes up to 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush
  • Improves gum health up to 7 times in just 2 weeks
  • Removes up to 100% more stains in just 3 days
  • Personalized feedback and coaching via an app that can help you develop better brushing habits

Oral B iO Series 7 Electric Toothbrush

  • Combines powerful micro-vibrations with a dentist-inspired round brush head for a professional clean feeling every day
  • The Oral-B iO Series 7 Electric toothbrush is a high-tech option that offers a deep clean, personalized brushing experience, and gum protection.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser


  • Removes plaque and debris more effectively than brushing alone
  • Regular use of the Waterpik Aquarius Flosser can lead to several other positive outcomes for your oral health, including:
  • Fresher breath
  • Reduced cavities
  • Brighter teeth

Waterpik Complete Care Sonic 9.0 Electric Brush with Water Flosser

This is a multi-functional oral health device that combines the power of a sonic toothbrush with a water flosser in one convenient unit.

    • Convenient and Space-Saving
    • Thorough Cleaning
    • Improved Gum Health
    • Fresh Breath

          Isonic Ultrasonic Denture and Retainer Cleaner

          Get Ultrasonic Cleaning Power:

            • Removes up to 99.9% of plaque and bacteria
            • Reaches deep into crevices and hard-to-clean areas
            • Gentle on dentures and retainers, yet powerful on stains and debris
            • Fresher breath and brighter dentures and retainers


                        Ultimate in Cool cool Oral B Electric Toothbrush

                        • Smart Pressure Sensor: Guides you to brush with the right pressure.
                        • 7 Brushing Modes: Customize your clean for gums, whitening, and more.
                        • 2-Minute Timer & Pacer: Ensures thorough cleaning in every quadrant.
                        • AI Recognition & Interactive Display: Tracks your brushing coverage and provides real-time feedback.

                        StellaLife Rinse for Advanced Healing After Dental Procedures

                        • Promotes faster healing after dental procedures like extractions, implants, and surgery.
                        • Reduces pain and inflammation for a more comfortable recovery.
                        • Natural and alcohol-free formula is safe and gentle on sensitive tissues.
                        • Clinically proven to be effective.

                        CariFree AntiCavity Rinse

                        • Neutralizes plaque-causing acid with patented pH+ technology.
                        • Xylitol helps prevent plaque buildup.
                        • Stops cavities and freshens breath
                        • Clinically proven to work
                        • No alcohol

                        Dry Mouth Remedies

                        Hyalogic Dry Mouth Lozenges

                        Enjoy the natural moisture and oral health benefit that comes from this totally unique mint! HylaMints contains natural sugar-free ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid to help dry mouth and give you that minty fresh breath.

                        Xylimelts Long-lasting Time Release Dry Mouth Remedy

                        • NON-ACIDIC: XyliMelts for dry mouth have a safe pH of 8, giving you effective dry mouth relief without harming your teeth.
                        • LASTING: Can be used day or night and can last 4-8 hours between applications (results may vary).

                        Biotene Dry Mouth Rinse

                        • Soothing moisturization.
                        • Freshens breath.
                        • Alcohol-free And sugar-free.
                        • Can Be used up to five times a day.

                        TheraBreath Dry Mouth Oral RInse

                        • DRY MOUTH ORAL RINSE: Helps soothe and moisturize a dry mouth
                        • DENTIST FORMULATED: Made with naturally-sourced enzymes and flower extracts to help stimulate saliva production
                        • ALCOHOL FREE: Non-burning formula made without alcohol that starts working instantly


                        Nimbus Extra Soft Toothbrushes

                        Gently brush away plaque & keep gums happy: Nimbus Extra Soft Toothbrushes feature unique microfine bristles for ultra-gentle cleaning, protecting sensitive gums while effectively removing plaque.  Perfect for adults, the standard-sized head reaches all corners of your mouth, while the dentist-designed bristles ensure a thorough clean.

                        Interdental Brushes Assorted

                        Reach hidden corners, banish hidden plaque! TePe Interdental Brushes (mixed pack) conquer the gaps your toothbrush misses. Discover your perfect fit with assorted sizes, for sparkling-clean teeth & healthy gums.

                        Gum Stimulator

                        Massage & Stimulate: GUM Rubber Tip Stimulators gently massage gums, removing hidden plaque and promoting circulation for healthier smiles.

                        Reach Tight Spaces: Flexible rubber tips maneuver where brushes can’t, dislodging debris and freshening breath for ultimate oral care.

                        Tongue Scrapers

                        • Say goodbye to morning breath! This two-pack of sleek stainless steel tongue scrapers from Basic Concepts helps combat bad breath at its source.
                        • Clean & Convenient: Wide heads and smooth curves reach every corner, while travel cases let you keep fresh breath on-the-go. ✈️

                          100% metal means easy sanitizing and a lifetime of use! ✨


                        Nutrition and Physical Degeneration

                        This book explores the link between traditional diets and optimal health, showcasing the consequences of processed foods and modern lifestyles.

                        Whether you’re seeking to improve your health or simply curious about the history of nutrition, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” offers valuable insights and a call to action for a return to a more balanced and nourishing way of life.

                        Heal Your Oral Microbiome Book

                        • Unravels the connection between oral health and overall well-being.
                        • Explains how to balance your mouth’s microbiome for optimal health.
                        • Provides natural, science-backed tips for improving gum health, boosting immunity, and fighting disease.
                        • Empowers you to take control of your oral and overall health.

                        The Dental Diet Book

                        • Unlocks the surprising link between your teeth, real food, and life-changing health.
                        • Embraces ancestral eating principles for stronger teeth, healthier gums, and a more beautiful smile.
                        • Offers practical guidance on incorporating nutrient-rich foods into your diet.
                        • Empowers you to achieve optimal oral and overall health through simple dietary changes.

                        Nourishing Fats

                        In Nourishing Fats, author Sally Fallon Morell argues that animal fats, long demonized for their supposed role in heart disease, are actually essential for good health and happiness. She debunks myths about saturated and monounsaturated fats and explains why they are crucial for:

                        • Hormone balance
                        • Brain health
                        • Cell health
                        • Immune function
                        • Joint health

                          Berenstein Bears visit the Dentist

                          This classic Berenstain Bears book is perfect for preschoolers who are just starting to think about going to the dentist. The familiar characters and gentle humor help to take the fear out of the experience.

                          This Little Critter book is another great choice for preschoolers. It follows Little Critter as he goes to the dentist for the first time, and it shows all the things that happen during a typical checkup.

                            This book is a fun and exciting way to introduce older children to the dentist. Curious George’s antics will keep them laughing, while the story also teaches them some important lessons about dental hygiene.

                            This wacky and informative book is a great way to teach children of all ages about the importance of taking care of their teeth. Dr. Seuss’s signature rhymes and silly characters will make learning about dental hygiene fun and memorable.


                                Infrared Heating Pad

                                You’ll love this for pain relief!

                                • Far Infrared Heat: Deeply penetrates tissues to promote healing, reduce inflammation, and ease muscle tension.
                                • Natural Jade and Tourmaline Stones: Emit negative ions and far infrared rays for additional pain relief and improved circulation.
                                • Large Size: Covers a significant portion of the back for targeted relief.

                                Single-Person Infrared Home Sauna

                                Imagine stepping into a warm, inviting space designed just for you. A place where you can melt away stress, soothe aches and pains, and emerge feeling refreshed and invigorated. This isn’t a dream; it’s a reality with your own single-person infrared sauna. Click to learn more about the benefits of infrared therapy.

                                Infrared Blood Circulation Massager

                                This Infrared Blood Circulation Massager is good for you because it uses high-frequency vibration, powerful magnetism, and heat (infrared) treatment to:

                                • Strengthen the immune system and increase your body’s resistance to illness.
                                • Stimulate blood circulation and unblock blood vessels to promote your body’s metabolism.
                                • Relax your muscles and relieve pain.

                                Smart Digital Display Nebulizer for Adults and Kids

                                Breathe easier with the Smart Nebulizer!

                                This portable device delivers efficient, quiet treatments for adults and kids. Its timer and digital display ensure accuracy, while multiple masks and a travel bag make it perfect for home or on the go. Find relief from respiratory issues and enjoy healthier breathing with this smart solution.

                                Modudose Saline for Inhalation

                                Modudose Saline for Inhalation is a sterile, preservative-free saline solution in convenient single-use vials. It can be used for nebulization therapy, sinus irrigation, and even contact lens care.

                                Food Grade 3% Hydrogen Peroxide

                                Food-grade hydrogen peroxide: a clear, odorless liquid used for various household and personal care purposes. Not meant for consumption.

                                Thick Glass Graduated Cylinder Millileter Measure

                                Tired of wobbly cylinders and accidental spills? This 10ml thick glass graduated cylinder with anti-fall plastic base and bumper guards keeps things steady for accurate liquid measuring.

                                Portable Charger for Use with Infrared Therapy Belt

                                Fuel your devices on-the-go! This 22.5W, 20,000mAh portable charger fits perfectly into the infrared belt battery pocket!

                                Infrared Therapy Belt

                                Dual-light therapy targets aches & pains: Red & infrared light soothe back, shoulder, & more. Enjoy hands-free pain relief & relaxation, anytime.

                                Smart Scale

                                Uncover more than just pounds: This sleek RunSTAR scale analyzes 15 body metrics, including fat %, water weight, muscle mass, and even heart rate!

                                Large Display Blood Pressure Monitor

                                Stay on top of your blood pressure with this accurate upper arm monitor. It stores 240 readings (2 users, 120 each) and features an adjustable cuff for comfortable measuring on arms 8.7″-15.7″

                                Air Purifier for Home or Office

                                Conquer smoke, pollen & pet dander! This HEPA air purifier cleans rooms up to 215 sq ft with whisper-quiet efficiency. Sleep mode & adjustable speeds let you customize clean air in bedroom, office or living room.

                                Xylitol with No Added Ingredients 2.5 lb bag

                                Sweeten Your Smile with Xylitol!

                                Ditch the sugar and keep your teeth cavity-free with NOW Xylitol. This natural sweetener has 1/3 fewer calories than sugar, promotes healthy blood sugar levels, and even fights plaque bacteria. Enjoy guilt-free baking, sweeten drinks, or sprinkle on oatmeal for a delightful, dental-friendly treat.

                                Deep Tissue Massage Gun

                                Deep Tissue Power, Silent Relief:

                                The OLOCO Massage Gun packs 12mm penetration in its quiet brushless motor. Tackle muscle knots, relieve pain, and boost recovery with 10 interchangeable heads.

                                Faraday Fabric for EMF Protection

                                Block unwanted signals, create your calm: Faraday Fabric shields WiFi, Bluetooth & signal noise. Craft privacy curtains, phone pouches, or Faraday cages for a peaceful space. Reduce EMF exposure and reclaim control over your environment.

                                ProBiora Professional Strength Probiotic

                                Boost Your Oral Biome: Pop a chewable, whiten teeth & freshen breath. Probiotics rebalance good bacteria, promoting healthier teeth & gums for a confident smile. Gentle mint, 90 count.

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