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Suffering From the Common Cavity?

Tooth Decay is the 2nd most common disease in the U.S. after the common cold. (And may just be the most common and widespread disease of humankind.)

Many of us generally take precautions to avoid contracting colds from others, such as washing our hands often, and avoiding touching our faces -- especially the nose, mouth and eye areas -- whenever we are around someone with a cold or have been touching surfaces in pulic areas.

But what about tooth decay? Is that contagious too?

Believe it or not, it is.  It can spread through saliva.  So, you really don't want to share utensils, eat food off of the same plate, or use the same spoon.  And, make sure your partner doesn't have decayed teeth.

That may not be a very romantic thought, perhaps, but if you make certain they keep that dental appointment, you'll be doing both yourselves a favor!