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Dental Tips

Dental Basics: Understanding Cavities

If knowledge is power, then educating yourself about a few dental basics may be the quickest route to fewer dental problems and lower dental bills.  Many people have questions about cavities.  Why do we get them? How can they be prevented?

Dental Basics: Understanding Periodontal Disease

Years of practice have convinced me that most people don’t “get” this -- but they should.

Here’s how I know, and why you need to understand periodontal disease.

What can you tell me about infection control?

The dental profession takes this aspect of health care very seriously and believes you should too. We have compiled a few questions we might ask if we were in your shoes, and our answers to them. A dental practice should keep its office clean, but infection control is about much more than just that.

Cracked Tooth Information

A cracked tooth can be painful, annoying, and an exercise in frustration for patients and dentists alike.  While there can be many factors that contribute to cracked teeth, the bottom line is that if your tooth is cracked  the solution is often involved, potentially expensive and, despite best efforts, tooth loss is still a very real possibility.  The following compilation of questions and answers isn't short, but if you think you have a cracked tooth, it is worth reading so that you can know what to expect.

Understanding Tooth Clenching and Grinding

Few dental conditions are able to wreak more havoc than tooth clenching and grinding.  Yet many people who engage in the activity are either unaware that they do it or they deny it.