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What can you tell me about infection control?

1. How do I know that your office is complying with all the infection control rules?

Your safety is always our first concern. We have ongoing programs, a daily check list, and training built into our practice. We monitor infection control at every level, from the sterilizer to the procedures that the staff perform to clean the room. Yearly, we take an OSHA course and update our information regularly with materials from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as they come out.

2. How do I know you are sterilizing instruments correctly?

We follow all the protocols for sterilization and monitor them step by step. In our practice we use three methods to assure that sterilization has occurred. We have a system in the sterilizer, a system on all our bags, and we send out a spore test weekly to a third-party laboratory to make sure the system in working. We also maintain and test two sterilizers, so that we never risk not having the means to handle our instruments properly.  All of our equipment and bags are FDA approved as medical devices and we follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations in all steps of the process. We open the packages in front of you so you can be assured they are safe and can show you the indicator we use.

3. How do I know you are keeping me safe?

Our office uses barrier protection and disinfection for each and every patient regardless of their health status. We use disposable items to limit the chance of cross contamination. We heat sterilize all our instruments, or they are single-use and we dispose of them. We follow all the protocols for keeping our patients safe, including washing our hands, wearing personal protective equipment and not allowing sick staff to come to work. You safety is our first concern.

4. I read that dental drills can be a source of disease. How do I know yours are safe?

Most drills used for fillings are new. Any that would be re-used are cleaned of debris and then heat sterilized in a sterilizer. We do not have any drills that are not heat sterilized.

5. Can I see the sterilization area?

Patients are welcome to view the entire office as long as we can remain compliant with infection control and HIPPA laws. We can take you from the start of the process to the end so that you can see how dedicated we are to your safe care.